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I can remember the first time I heard Bruce, it was 1980, my 8 year old sister came home from my family's antique store on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village, she was screaming that my uncle Danny gave her a tape and told her to play it for me.

My sis threw the cassette into our family's panasonic stereo, which literally was the size of a Ford Pinto and you had to hold the tape down while it was playing or it would keep popping up.

"Tenth Avenue Freeze Out" began blaring through those 50 watt speakers and I was hooked. My Billy Joel "Glass Houses" album got tossed into the bottom drawer of my desk and I began listening to song after song by this artist my uncle kept calling "the boss".

I couldn't understand half the words he was singing, but the music rocked and had an energy that evoked emotions from the depths of your soul, it was honest and man it was real!!!

I still got that darn thing wrong, only to find out five years later that the lyric is not, will you walk with me out on the water, it's the wireman, THE WIRE!!!

I remember sitting with my ear almost against the speaker holding a yellow steno notebook and a pen while attempting to write down each word to "Born To Run", I yearned to sing that song. It took me almost two hours playing and rewinding that tape trying to decipher exactly what Bruce was saying and I still got that darn thing wrong, only to find out five years later that the lyric is not, "will you walk with me out on the water", it's "the wire" man, "THE WIRE"!!

Anyway, it's been 35 years for me burnin' down this road, I may not be the oldest Springsteen fan and unfortunately no, I can't remember seeing Bruce with Steel Mill or even the Bottom Line shows, I was simply too young.

However, I have been granted the ability to amass a collection of Bruce artifacts that will truly surpass almost any museum out there and it is with the greatest humility that I wish to share this collection and knowledge with Bruce fans across the world.

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The goal of blindedbythelight.com is to celebrate the life and music of Bruce Springsteen in the most honest and authentic way possible. I welcome your questions, comments, suggestions, corrections and concerns for anything connected to Bruce. It is important to note, that we have no direct affiliation with Bruce Springsteen nor his agent Jon Landau Management. They may be reached at brucespringsteen.net.

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I look forward to seeing all of you on the tour!

Biography of Michael E. Crane

Michael was born in New York City and grew up in Westfield, New Jersey (exit 135 on the GSP). He graduated Rutgers University in 1992 with Honors, a degree in sociology, minors in health, environmental science and criminology. He was selected from the top 5% in the US to begin a doctorate in psychology at Widener University, but decided to pursue a real estate career after the first year. As a dedicated single father Michael has been raising his son for the last 20 years as well. He Possesses a personal knowledge of Bruce Springsteen for over 35 years.

He has been recognized as a Bruce Springsteen historian contributing to Bruce exhibits in both The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio and the Rock Hall Annex in New York City. Michael wrote a book which is due to be published early next year and archives the complete history of Bruce's first car, his 1957 Chevy Bel Air Convertible. He will be publishing a second coffee-table book soon thereafter which will catalog the largest collection of Bruce Springsteen concert posters ever seen, many of which can be viewed on this site.

Thank You

There are certain individuals who I must mention briefly for without them none of this would have been possible. I want to thank G-d and my mom, Joyce for bringing me into this world with a love of music and allowing me to imbue this passion into others. I want to include Frank Stefanko and Eric Meola who in my opinion are the best darn photographers in the world, the camera lens gives us a glimpse into your dreams and visions, you captured moments of time in Bruce's life like no other, I appreciate you for sharing it with me, but more importantly I am honored to call you both my friends. And of course....do I have to say his name?....Thank you Bruce Springsteenfor inviting your fans into your world through tremendous insight and music which instills hope that someday we will look back on this and it will all seem funny...the true gift is your ability to be human and connect with people, your music spanning over 50 years stands testament to the fact that you have successfully done so. For all the Billy's, Mary's, Johnny's and tramps like us, baby, we are truly grateful.